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Book Keeper <-> Lead Manager

Whenever you create any new invoice in Book Keeper, it will reflect details against corresponding lead in Lead Manager

This feature is available in Book Keeper Gold Plan and also an active plan is required in Lead Manager.



1. Go to Lead Manager Application > Left Side Menu > Settings/Business Profile

2. On top, there is profile text, tap on it 10-15 times

3. It will display reference key, copy it for later use

4. Also in profile, you will see email id, note it down as well

5. Now open Book Keeper Android or Windows

6. Go to Gold Menu (available in menu bar)

7. Click on Lead Manager Integration option

8. Paste the reference key which you have copied in step 3.

9. Also paste the email id, which you have noted down in step 4.

10. Also set lead source and status as per your requirements

11. Save it.

Just make sure, when you create new customer in Book Keeper

you need to mention either email id or phone number or both.

That's it!

Now whenever you will create new invoice in Book Keeper, it will reflect in Lead Manager

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